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Gay & Lesbian Cinema:    Comedy / Romance / Action / Adventure / Erotica 
We Were One Man
A classic finally on DVD!! This unusual love story chronicles the relationship between a wounded German soldier and the young French peasant who nurses him to health.
Certainly one of the most romantic gay films ever, Redwoods tells the story of a man in a relationship who meets and falls in love with a writer passing through his small town.
Eating Out: All You Can Eat
A gay romantic/sex comedy. This is the story of Casey, a naive new arrival in WeHo, and his misadventures trying to score a date with the super-hot Zack.
Class struggle, gay romance and hot action all meet in the amazing UK film, Shank as the lives of Cal and Oliver intersect in a gritty, urban street drama.
Make the Yuletide Gay
Writer/director Rob Williams (3-Day Weekend) is back with this wonderfully whimsical & twink-filled tale of a gay Christmas love and a corny Wisconsin family.
Were the World Mine
In this remarkable musical fantasy, an inspired English teacher casts her production of "A Midsummer Night’s Dream" with gay magic in mind.
Horror in the Wind
In this comic satire, the President of the United States, a die-hard religious fanatic, catches wind of a secret formula that suppresses sexual desire and is determined to use it to win the "War on Sex".
Margaret Cho: Beautiful
Margaret Cho breaks down society’s thoughts on beauty. She hilariously examines how “beautiful” is marketed to us. Comedy with a purpose, yeah!
 Gay & Lesbian Books:    Fiction  /  Non-Fiction  /  Erotica
Queer Hauntings: True Tales of Gay and Lesbian Ghosts
These stories are all about gays from beyond the grave. From brutal murders in rural Georgia, to the male spirit who enjoys unzipping men's trousers.
The Little Stranger
Sarah Waters is a master storyteller and we've read all her books. While gay literary fiction is our sweet spot, we always read Ms. Waters, and always love her work.
Best Lesbian Romance 2010
Ranging from the short and ever-so-sweet to make-you-cry passionate, Best Lesbian Romance 2010 is essential reading for anyone who favors the highly imaginative, the deeply sensual, and the very loving.
It Should Be a Crime
Two women meet in an alley and fulfill their mutual desire with a night of passion, neither expecting more than the few lusty hours they shared. Weeks later they meet again, but this time one is a law professor and the other her student.
The Low Road
Charles will do anything to free the man he loves from jail. He isn't above seducing his lover's captors and every man who stands in his way.
Inside Him
Edgy and sexy, this collection of gay erotica finds a horny priest, a sexy carnival romp, a leather master and more men who want to be Inside Him. Sponsors

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