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D.O. (Dionisio Heidersheid) Gay Porn Star Biography Pictures and Video Appearances

D.O.D.O. :: Photos

"Don't cry for me, Argentina"... just cum for us instead! I am the owner of my own body, and I can do anything that I please with it. Becoming a porn star was like being born again, Argentinean gay porn star D.O. (aka Dionisio Heidersheid) once said at the dawn of his XXX career. This phenomenally gorgeous stud hypnotized fans with his debut performance in Black Scorpion's "Obsession of D.O.," co-starring Latin star Rafael Alencar.

D.O. is one of many gay porn stars with a background as an international fashion model, which earned him quite a few fans in the mainstream side of the pop culture world. What sets D.O. apart is that he has been able to maintain successful careers in modeling and adult film simultaneously. His dark and sultry good looks made his transition into adult film a natural and easy one, and you can be sure his fan base has grown exponentially since he made the big move in 2007. D.O. became a bona fide sensation in the gay community when he started working with Raging Stallion Studios in 2010's "Don't Ask, Just Fuck." He was so incredible that he was offered a contract on the spot.

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Stud Fuckers Giants Night Maneuvers Caught On Tape Don't Ask Just Fuck


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