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The Extreme Boyz Chronicles 6The Extreme Boyz
Chronicles Vol 6

Tal, Dakota and Dante are back and better than ever in this sixth edition of the ExtremeBoyz series. As always, there is plenty of punishment and pain being put on each of these willing slaves. Dante is put to the test with plenty of clothes pins, whips and breath-play while, Dakota finally has his way as he bends Tal over the weight bench and forces him to take it like a good little slave.
The Extreme Boyz Chronicles 5The Extreme Boyz
Chronicles Vol 5

With chapters titled "Chase Roped and Forced," "Bath Time," and "Ticklish Tal," you know you're in for some astounding scenes in this movie. But most of us could probably stand a bit of duct tape, rope, or tickling if we knew there would be an excellent handjob at the end. Enjoy!
The Extreme Boyz Chronicles 4The Extreme Boyz
Chronicles Vol 4

Torsion Video Productions presents a motion picture by ExtemeBoyz, The Extreme Boyz Chronicles in its 4th installment. This adult video features horny hog hanging, a gay frolic in the playroom, and penile poker night. Starring Tal, Anton, Dakota, Draiven and Arren. Enjoy!!
The Extreme Boyz Chronicles 3The Extreme Boyz
Chronicles Vol 3

A series of individual bondage shorts, ExtremeBoyz III also gives you some unscripted scenes of Jared, Tal and Sebastian's extremely kicking it. Yes, they do this stuff on their own time for fun. Enthusiasts will enjoy scenes of suspension, choking and a hand/foot punishment stock. Enjoy!!
The Extreme Boyz Chronicles 2The Extreme Boyz
Chronicles Vol 2

Not for the faint-hearted, this graphic sequel to Volume I once again features the wanton delights of slave-boy Tal this time set against the devilish mercies of Spencer and Draiven, both of whom seem only too aware of what their underling enjoys doing in his spare time. As such, Tal is suspended by his ankles, has the soles of his feet whipped, and has hot wax poured over his body, all for the amusement of Master Draiven, who clearly wishes to point out to the lad just who exactly is in control.
The Extreme Boyz ChroniclesThe Extreme Boyz

If you think that hot young twinks should learn all they can about discipline, pain, and pleasure, then you have to check out this title! There's so much suspension in this movie, whether it's a tighty whities boy hanging in the garage or a handcuffed butt boy fucking himself with a toy in a sling, that you never know where the cum'll fly. Watch them find out what duct tape can do and how good pain can really feel!!
Who will rise victorious? These two Boys are pitted against each other in a contest of wills. Three separate rounds of BDSM action will keep you guessing until the very end as to which boy gets to enjoy his triumph and which one is left in the cold. Naked lube wrestling, hogties, suspension, nipple-play, forced workouts, sucking, fucking and twink on twink action are all here. Another great DVD from the masters of twink BDSM!
The Kross CollectionThe Kross Collection
Kross has never looked better than he does in these six selections from the ExtremeBoyz dungeon. Watch as this beautiful Slave Boy is taken to the limit and back - all in the name bondage pleasure. This DVD includes Extremeboyz fan favorite titles - Fire and Ice, Peril, Peril 2, Quartered, Goldfish and Spread Eagle.

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